About Marty

Marty Sullaway, NN1C is based in the Boston area. He is active in most major US and domestic radiosport events. While he has a modest station at home consisting of various wire antennas, he has had the opportunity to pilot many larger contests stations. Marty enjoys SO2R as well as multi-op contest entries. In recent years, Marty has found himself operating at stations such as KC1XX, W1KM, K1LZ, K1VR, K1IR, 4X6TT, HH2AA, K6ND, K3LR, and K1TTT in some of the major DX contests.

Marty has been fortunate to be a member of winning teams, having won both modes of CQ WW and ARRL DX contests in M/S and M/2 categories, and was deeply honored to be selected as the 2017 Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF memorial Amateur Radio Newsline Youth Ham of the Year award.

Marty is currently an undergraduate student at Northeastern University where he studies Electrical and Computer Engineering.